Uncle Rooster

Uncle Rooster (2012)
Uncle Rooster (2012)

(#7) Uncle Rooster by Tami Canaday

Uncle Rooster makes a return for the This Is Not Normal: an Arts & Activism Festival June 17 – 27 at The Brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Both parable play and fantastic spectacle, warning of the reality of torture and community erosion as seen through the lens of a children’s fable. The tale takes place in the town of Lulu’s Burg with a cast of charters such as Uncle Rabbit, Uncle Rooster, Leon The Mule, Faith The Dog, Winny The Fox and Mrs. Fennel The Rooster. The small town is beset with the real world dilemma of what is the price of freedom and security and what happens to a community when laws are broken and individuals are held above the law.

Production History
June 17 – 27, 2017: The Brick (Brooklyn, NY)
February 17 – March 3, 2012: work | space (Denver, CO)

Original Cast
Uncle Rooster: Terry Burnsed
Uncle Rabbit: Lorenzo Sariñana
Bob (A Weasel): Ryan Wuestewald
Mrs. Fennel (A Chicken): Rhea Amos
Leon (A Mule): Robin Davies
Winny (A Fox); Madeleine Joyce
Faith (A Dog): Hart DeRose

Production Team
Direction: Brian Freeland
Scenic / Lighting / Projection Design: Amelia Charter
Sound Design: Kenny Storms
Costume Design: Brian Freeland
Masks: Robin Davies
Artistic Directors: Brian Freeland / Julie Rada